Where to buy

Sternsteiger is expanding into the retail store space. On this page you'll be able to find stores where you can experience and buy our products.

Küchenwelten Trossingen

Christian-Messner-Str. 31
78647 Trossingen

Phone: +49 7425 229944
Fax: +49 7425 229946
Website: www.kuechenwelten-trossingen.de
E-Mail: info@kuechenwelten-trossingen.de


Georgstraße 14
30159 Hannover

Website: www.vaund.de
E-Mail: hallo@vaund.de

VAUND STORE is focussed on high quality products featuring brands like Sennheiser, SONOS or Stihl.

Their team has been trained by our team and can provide you with everything that you want to know about our products.

Enjoy your visit at VAUND STORE!

Sport-Jagd Zubehör Kurt

Bochumer Str. 82
45661 Recklinghausen

Website: www.kurt24.eu
E-Mail: info@kurt24.eu