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Nakiri knife

Nakiri knife

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The Germanicum Arminius Nakiri knife is the result of hundreds of hours of refining and perfecting Damascus forging techniques and production technologies. Developed by UBUTT DESIGN GERMANY, this knife embodies a new era of kitchen tools where every facet of the design is engineered to provide the highest level of control and performance.

Innovative blade design for optimized cutting performance

The blade of the Nakiri knife shows a significant development compared to previous models. It is straighter and offers an almost flat surface, making it ideal for precise cuts. The flatter shape of the blade increases its flexibility without sacrificing durability. With a slight bend in the belly area and a widening in the middle, the blade offers a larger cutting surface and improved cutting performance.

Increased material quality for durability and reliability

A significant advancement in material technology is the transition to 440 layers of Damascus steel, which dramatically improves the rigidity and durability of the knife. This high number of layers not only makes the knife more durable, but also more visually appealing. The pure walnut handle is complemented by a cap made of real Damascus steel, which improves both the appearance and durability.

Ergonomically designed handle for improved handling

The design of the handle with newly designed finger guard and shortened pommel tip reduces the distance between the handle and the blade. This adjustment ensures improved control over the blade, making the Nakiri knife particularly suitable for fine and precise cuts.

Hand-forged quality and handcrafted precision

Each Nakiri knife in the Germanicum Arminius series is 100% hand-forged and hand-crafted. The double bevel of the blade, hand-sharpened at an angle of 16° per side, offers ultimate sharpness. The blade also undergoes a treatment with liquid nitrogen, which increases the hardness to 57-59 HRC and ensures long-lasting sharpness.

Special care for exceptional performance

The Germanicum Arminius Nakiri knife requires special care. It is recommended to oil the blade after each use to preserve the quality and beauty of the Damascus steel. This careful maintenance ensures that the knife retains its outstanding properties for years to come.

The Germanicum Arminius Nakiri knife is more than just a kitchen tool; it is an investment in perfection and design. For professional chefs who demand the highest standards from their equipment, this Nakiri knife offers an unparalleled combination of balance, sharpness and durability. Experience the quality and innovation of UBUTT DESIGN GERMANY in your kitchen with this exquisite Nakiri knife.

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