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Paring knife

Paring knife

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Discover the paring knife, which impresses with its outstanding craftsmanship and precision, manufactured by UBUTT DESIGN GERMANY. This knife combines traditional blacksmithing with the latest technology and is an indispensable addition to any kitchen.

High-quality materials for outstanding performance

The paring knife is made of 100% Damascus steel and consists of 440 extremely sharp layers, giving it impressive sharpness and durability. The blade thickness of 0.65 mm on the cutting edge and 2.42 mm on the spine enables precise cuts, while the nano coating protects the blade from wear and tear and extends its lifespan.

Ergonomic design for comfortable cutting

The handle of the knife, made of fine walnut wood and complemented by Damascus steel handle caps, not only offers an attractive appearance but also ergonomic handling. The curved blade is ideal for efficient rocking cuts and makes it easier to work when preparing fruit and vegetables.

Precision grinding and innovative blade technology

The blade is hand sharpened with a double blade bevel at 16°, giving a total angle of 32°, ensuring an ultra-sharp and precise cutting experience. Treating the blade with liquid nitrogen increases the hardness to 57-59 HRC, which further improves the cutting ability and is optimal for professional demands.

100% handmade quality

Each paring knife is unique because it is 100% hand-forged and handcrafted. These traditional techniques, combined with modern materials and manufacturing processes, make each knife a masterpiece of German craftsmanship. The continuous Damascus steel tang and the forged blade pommel with brass pins contribute to the exceptional balance and durability.

Special care for long-lasting sharpness

The paring knife requires special care to maintain its performance and beauty. After each use, the blade should be oiled to protect the Damascus steel from environmental influences and to maintain its sharpness. This careful care ensures that the knife retains its quality for years to come.

The Damascus steel paring knife from UBUTT DESIGN GERMANY is more than just a kitchen tool - it is an investment in quality and design that turns every cooking session into an experience. With its perfect balance, incomparable sharpness and elegant design, this knife sets new standards in the kitchen. Whether you are a professional chef or an ambitious hobby cook, this paring knife will exceed your expectations and offer you years of reliability and enjoyment when cooking.

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