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Basic knife making course

Basic knife making course

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Brief overview:

Duration: 2 days
Knife types: Damascus knife with simple handle
Maximum blade length:
Chef's knife: 16 cm
Hunting/outdoor knife: 12 cm
Materials: Included
Meals: Hot lunch, snacks and drinks
Course days: Only on working days

Explore the skills of knife making in our special two-day beginners course. Delve into the technique of making hand-crafted Damascus steel and create a knife that is not only unique but also extremely functional. This course offers the ideal chance to make your own Damascus knife with up to 160 layers. Whether you are aiming for a chef's knife with a blade length of up to 16 cm or a hunting or outdoor knife with a length of up to 12 cm, our course will teach you all the essential basics.

Course overview
The basic knife making course is only offered during the week and is aimed at introducing beginners and those with a little more experience to the basic techniques of knife making. Each participant has the opportunity to forge a Damascus knife from scratch under expert guidance.

Materials provided
The course includes all the necessary materials. The Damascus steel used can have up to 160 layers, which gives your knife not only an impressive look but also outstanding sharpness and durability. The simple handle you design offers practical handling and an ergonomic design.

Meals during the course
We take care of your well-being with a hot lunch included in the course price, as well as snacks and drinks. This helps you to fully concentrate on knife making by giving you the energy and concentration you need.

Learning objectives and outcomes
At the end of the course, you will not only have acquired basic knowledge of knife making, but you will also have your own finished Damascus knife that you can proudly use in your kitchen or during outdoor activities. You will learn various metalworking techniques such as forging, hardening and grinding, as well as how to properly care for your knife.

The course is held in a professionally equipped workshop, where each participant receives individual support. We keep the class sizes small to ensure an intensive learning experience and to be able to respond to individual questions and needs.

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