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Platinum knife making course | Voucher

Platinum knife making course | Voucher

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Brief overview:

Duration: 3 days
Participants: 1-4 people
Knife type: Damascus knife
Blade dimensions: Maximum 18 cm length, 4.5 cm height
Materials: Included, selection of high quality woods for the handle
Meals: Hot lunch, snacks and drinks
Course days: Also on weekends

Welcome to the Platinum Knife Making Course, an exclusive three-day experience designed to perfect your Damascus knife forging skills. In a small, personal group of up to four people, we will guide you through the process of creating a unique Damascus knife, choosing from a variety of fine woods for the handle. This premium course also runs on weekends and is the ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of knife making.

Course overview
The Platinum course offers an intensive, hands-on experience in making Damascus knives. Over the course of three days, you will learn the intricacies of processing Damascus steel with up to 300 layers and create a knife with a maximum blade length of 18 cm and a height of 4.5 cm. The course is perfect for individuals or small groups looking for a customized learning experience.

Materials and tools
All materials needed are included in the course. You can choose from a variety of high-quality woods for the handle of your knife, giving each piece a personal touch. Our experienced instructors are on hand to ensure that your knife is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and durable.

To ensure you have a thoroughly enjoyable course experience, a hot lunch as well as snacks and drinks are included every day. This allows you to fully concentrate on learning and applying new skills without having to worry about external needs.

Conditions of participation
Participation is at your own risk and there is no liability for damage that may arise between participants or between the course instructors and the organizer, except in cases of intent or gross negligence. Each participant must provide proof of private liability insurance. Please bring suitable work clothing, sturdy shoes, protective gloves and goggles, and if necessary, individual protective equipment.

Why this course?
The Platinum course is ideal for anyone with a deep interest in the craft of knife making and who wants to learn in an exclusive environment. Whether you are an enthusiastic hobbyist, a budding professional or an experienced blacksmith, this course offers you the opportunity to expand your skills and create a masterpiece that you can proudly use or display.

The ideal gift
Are you looking for an exceptional gift? Our voucher for the platinum knife making course is a perfect choice that combines enthusiasm and practical application. Experience the joy of creating and give an unforgettable adventure in the world of high-quality knife making.

Register now or get a voucher for our exclusive course offer and discover the satisfaction that comes with creating your own, high-quality Damascus knife.

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