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Achilles bread knife

Achilles bread knife

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The Achilles bread knife, developed by Sternsteiger Germany in collaboration with UBUTT Designs, is the result of intensive research and development aimed at creating a bread knife that is indispensable in every kitchen. Combining advanced technology with craftsmanship excellence, this bread knife offers a perfect blend of sharpness, reliability and ergonomic design.

Revolutionary design for maximum control

The Achilles bread knife features a unique ergonomic handle design with a central opening for the thumb or index finger. This innovative design improves comfort and control when cutting, which is especially important for long or tough cutting tasks. The handle ensures that the knife sits firmly in your hand, even with wet hands or a wet knife.

High-quality materials for long-lasting sharpness

Made from premium steel, the Achilles bread knife offers unmatched sharpness that makes slicing all types of bread an effortless experience. The carefully designed blade allows for precise and clean cuts without crushing the bread and retains its cutting ability for many years.

Optimization through 3D printing technology

During the development phase, the design team used cutting-edge 3D printing technology to create and test prototypes of the knife. This technology made it possible to quickly adapt and optimize different designs to achieve the ideal shape and functionality of the knife. The result is a bread knife that is not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing.

Excellent performance and reliability

The Achilles bread knife has already received several awards for its design and performance, proving that the knife delivers on its promises of maximum efficiency and a firm grip. The balanced weight distribution of the knife helps it feel natural in the hand of a master chef and excels even in the most demanding conditions.

The ideal choice for every master chef

With its striking design and superior performance, the Achilles bread knife is an excellent addition to any kitchen. It is not only a tool for everyday use, but also a testament to the passion and commitment to quality that Sternsteiger Germany and UBUTT Designs put into the development of each knife.

The Achilles bread knife from the Achilles collection is at the forefront of kitchen knife technology. It is the ideal knife for anyone who values ​​precision, efficiency and safety when cutting. Whether you are a professional chef or just want to upgrade your kitchen equipment, the Achilles bread knife is an investment that will make every meal a special experience.

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