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Nakiri knife (7"/18cm) | Sternsteiger - Titanium Collection

Nakiri knife (7"/18cm) | Sternsteiger - Titanium Collection

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For those who take their cooking seriously, the Nakiri knife from the Sternsteiger Titanium collection brings precision and style to any kitchen. This knife, specially designed for vegetables, combines modern technology with traditional design and is a must-have for anyone who values ​​quality and efficiency.

Innovative material combination for superior performance

The Nakiri knife uses an advanced material combination of titanium and stainless steel, resulting in an ultra-hard, extremely sharp and at the same time amazingly light blade. This special blend ensures that the knife is resistant to corrosion and wear, making it a long-lasting tool in your kitchen equipment.

Precision cutting with ultimate sharpness

The Nakiri knife's blade is designed for precise cuts, facilitated by the unique flat blade design. Ideal for slicing all kinds of vegetables, from tough squash to delicate leaves, this knife allows for quick and effortless cutting without crushing the vegetables.

Light and balanced for comfortable handling

Despite its robustness, the Nakiri knife is surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to handle and minimizing hand fatigue even during prolonged use. The balanced design between blade and handle ensures seamless and comfortable use.

Ergonomic handle for safe handling

The ergonomically designed handle of the Nakiri knife ensures a firm and comfortable grip that offers slip resistance even in wet or greasy environments. This promotes safe handling and allows you to cut with confidence and precision.

Durability and ease of care

The Nakiri knife from the Sternsteiger Titanium collection is not only powerful and efficient, but also extremely easy to care for. It is resistant to rust and discoloration and can be easily cleaned under running water, although hand washing is recommended to preserve the sharpness of the blade.

The Nakiri knife from the Sternsteiger Titanium collection is an excellent choice for any chef who values ​​precision, efficiency and durability. Its special construction makes it ideal for slicing vegetables, while the elegant design and high-quality craftsmanship ensure that this knife will make a lasting impression in both professional kitchens and at home. Boost your culinary skills with this essential tool that will help you take your cooking skills to the next level.

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