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Paring knife (3.5"/10cm) | Sternsteiger - Titanium Collection

Paring knife (3.5"/10cm) | Sternsteiger - Titanium Collection

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The paring knife from the renowned Sternsteiger Titanium collection is a must for every modern kitchen. With its perfect size and sophisticated material combination, it offers outstanding performance for anyone who values ​​precision and durability.

High-quality materials

The blade of the paring knife is made of a unique combination of titanium and stainless steel. These materials make the knife not only extremely sharp and robust, but also amazingly light. These properties make peeling fruit and vegetables much easier and make the knife an indispensable tool in every kitchen.

Ultra sharp blade for precise cuts

The precisely crafted blade of the paring knife ensures excellent sharpness, allowing you to make even the finest cuts with ease and precision. The 10cm long knife is specially designed for paring and other fine cutting work, allowing you to prepare your ingredients efficiently.

Lightweight for comfortable handling

Despite its robustness and sharpness, the knife is surprisingly light, allowing you to work in the kitchen for longer without getting tired. This lightweight design promotes easy and quick handling, making it ideal for everyday use.

Ergonomic handle for increased safety and comfort

The ergonomically designed handle of the paring knife fits perfectly in the hand and offers a safe and comfortable grip, even when handling wet or slippery foods. This not only contributes to safety, but also increases control over the blade, resulting in better cutting results.

Versatile and easy to maintain

The paring knife from the Sternsteiger Titanium collection is not only suitable for peeling fruit and vegetables, but also for precisely cutting garnishes, removing peels or finely cutting herbs. The knife is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical companion in every kitchen.

The paring knife from the Sternsteiger Titanium collection is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a light, sharp and durable knife. It not only offers outstanding cutting properties, but also a stylish design that no kitchen should be without. Invest in this high-quality kitchen tool and experience how simple cooking becomes an art.

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